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Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Fri Dec 4 09:27:56 PST 1998


At 09:24 03.12.98 +0000, Alex R. Kraaijeveld wrote:
> ... With regard to brandub, the only reliable
>information I have been able to come across so far is:
>MacWhite E, 1946. Early Irish Board Games. Éigse 5: 25-35.

According to my reading (mainly Murray's Board Games in this respect)
the best think we can say about Brandub is that it might have been similar
to Fidchell, Hnefatafl and the lot.
If it wasn't, then we're left with no idea as to how this game could
have been played.

What about MacWhite now? Where does he put Brandub? Is it, according to 
him, a hunt-game, or war-game, dice or no dice?

Regarding the early date of the cited book could you give us some idea
as to he results MacWhite arrived on?


I also like to add some links on Brandub or rather Hnefatafl and Tablut.


And, why not ...


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