hist-games: Re: WW2 Display Team

Web Caller Bill Bill at bracewel.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 3 02:08:45 PST 1998

In article: <002d01be1c9d$da4ee7c0$111a883e at davan-winch> 
Davan at ww2dt.freeserve.co.uk writes:
<6 lines of mail prog inserted crap snipped> 

> Hello Everyone,
> I've been a bit quite of late - what with the move of my email address 
> (as below).
> However, I want to let everyone know about my new website 
> Comments, suggestions and pointing out errors and broken links =
> welcomed!!

<crap html snipped>

If the quality of the HTML on your site is the same as the crap HTML you 
included on your post I don't think I'll bother.(:-)

Your mail program is repeating your posts in a crap HTML format.  
Somewhere in the setup there is an option to 'send HTML'  The default is 

You did say you wanted comments (:-)

Barnacle Bill

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