hist-games: Russian Games Revisited

jstrauss at poboxes.com jstrauss at poboxes.com
Tue Oct 6 19:08:44 PDT 1998


	A while back, I asked for info on Russian games and pastimes, with
an eye towards doing some of them at an upcoming Russian-themed SCA
event in the Midrealm.

	I received some very interesting leads, especially some book citations.
Unfortunately, this fershulugging e-mail system trashes everything over 30 days
old, which regrettable feature I was unaware of.

	So, just as I go to USE the fine information I was given, I discover 
it is lost.

	Would those who pointed me to sources for Russian games please have
pity and do so a second time? Does anyone have the first wave of sources

				Henry Best
				"Jugate Potentium Gaudii"

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