hist-games: Miltitary Illustrated on Sharp Weapons.

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Mon Sep 7 06:21:48 PDT 1998

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Allafrik at compuserve.com writes:
> Anyway, while I am here - did anyone else see that interesting article 
> in Military Illustrated about the way we should be using sharps during 
> combat?

Yes I saw the article briefly at a regimental meeting.
> One final thing - the public are disappointed to see us using blunts 
> during  combat. My response? TOUGH. 

That seemed to be the nub of his argument - that Joe Public was 
disapointed to see blunt weapons in a L.H. situation, therefore we 
should use sharp weapons on the field.  

I credit most Jo(e) Public with having more sense than to expect us to 
fight with sharp weapons.  IMHO comments about bluntness, and also the 
use of balls in muskets, are more conversational gambits rather than a 
condemnation of our level of authenticity. 

Perhaps the author of the article would be suprised to learn that blanks 
 are used in films and the final scene in Hamlet is fought with blunt 

I suspect the low level of reaction on this newslist and the newsgroups 
is because the article was recognised as being a worthless troll. 

Barnacle Bill
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