hist-games: Nine men's morris

Catriona Logan druim.nan.deur at clear.net.nz
Sun Aug 23 21:55:10 PDT 1998


I recently got introduced to 'nine man's morris' at an event, and thought
it would be fun to make my own playing set.  One board I've seen was wooden
with poker-worked lines/holes, another was leather.  I'd like to find out
what materials were used for the authentic playing sets, and would
appreciate any information that others on the list might be able to tell me.

Many thanks,
Catriona Logan

Catriona Logan
Palmerston North, New Zealand
druim.nan.deur at clear.net.nz

"Since all the world is but a story, it were well  for thee to buy
the more enduring story, rather than the story that is less enduring"
Judgement of St Colum Cille (St Columba of Scotland)

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