hist-games: Miscellaneous Queries

Adelle Hartley Adelle at verdant.com.au
Sat Jun 27 19:01:01 PDT 1998

> > 1.  How was 7-handed backgammon played?
> > (The book has a picture taken from Alphonso X's games book.  7
> players
> > are pictured
> > sitting around a 7-sided table, each with 7 pieces and 2 dice.
> Insofar as I'm aware, that picture is the only evidence that we have
> that there ever was such a thing as 7-handed backgammon/tables.
> There's
> a fairly good likelihood that the image is nothing more than artistic
> license. Still, once of these days I'll probably concoct a plausible
> set
> of rules and build a table, just to experiment with. 
	I guess the real problem is finding seven people who all want to


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