hist-games: Miscellaneous Queries

Adelle Hartley Adelle at verdant.com.au
Thu Jun 25 20:49:56 PDT 1998

My partner (who doesn't have direct e-mail access) recently came accross
a book
titled "Games of the World".  Unfortunately, the book leaves a lot of
questions unanswered.
She has asked me to post the following list of queries:

1.  How was 7-handed backgammon played?
(The book has a picture taken from Alphonso X's games book.  7 players
are pictured
sitting around a 7-sided table, each with 7 pieces and 2 dice.

2.  How was Fox and Hounds played with 13 hounds (or geese) - instead of
the post 1600
version with 17)

3.  In Reversis (or other games where players pay the winner according
to the cards left in their
hands, or taken in play) how are draws paid out?  (ie 2 winners, 2
losers - do the losers pay
each winner separately or do they pool the winnings and share them
between the winners.
How are spare coins handled if this is so?).  There were probably a lot
of regional variations on
this point but we are trying to figure out how the medieval mind would
have approached the problem.

4.  According to "Games of the World", Poch was originally played on a
board with 9 pockets but
only gives the rules for the more modern 7 pocket version.  What were
the original 9 pockets used?

5.  In Poch, can the last stage be forced to a draw (as can be the case
if only Aces are stop cards)?

6.  Does anyone have a period (600ad - 1600ad) picture of the board for
the Goose Game
which I could use as a model for my own.

7.  Are there any translations available of Alphonso X's games book?


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