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Dear Subscribers,

I found some books on playing cards and games
as well as facsimile playing cards now being offered
for reduced and sometimes even resonable prizes.

I took this as an occasion to dress a list of all such
items being on reduced sale at the moment.


Rhenania Buchversand, Koblenz, (Tel. 0261/64 00 20,
Fax: 0261/ 64 00 250) has been offering left over 
stocks of fasimile playing cards for these last months:

1. "Das Stuttgarter Kartenspiel": The Hunting-deck
from 1427 with animals as suit signs. Historical
description in German and English (78 pp). This is the
(first) fasicmile edition, Heimeran, Munich, 1979.
Order number 666 785, DM 199,-

2. "Das Kölner Kartenspiel des Johann Bussemachers
nach dem Meister PW": The 1591 copy of the famous
deck with flowers, hares and parrots as suit signs.
The original had round shape, the 1591 copy
is of the usual oblong shape. German/English expanation
included (90 pp). Published by Heimeran, Munich, 1980.
Order number 400 963, DM 39.95

3. "Karnöffel": Facsimile of three sheets of playing
cards by Hans Forster, Vienna 1573, found in book-bindings.
In additon, the same cards cut and coloured and thus
brought into a playable form.
The German/English booklet by Rudolf von der Leyden
focuses on the old card game of Karnöffeln.
Published by Heimeran, Munich in 1978.
Order number 342 041, DM 39.95

4. "Kupferstichspiel des I. M. F. von 1617": 48 cards
with the normal German suit signs, but executed with
hand-colouring and with illustrated backs.
Introduction in German and English, 58 pages.
Published by the Edition Leipzig in 1979.
Order number 400 955, DM 128,-

Next to the playing cards, Rhenania also sells reduced
copies of:

5. Zangs/Holländer: "Mit Glück und Verstand". Catalogue
of the exhibition Rheydt, 1994. Aachen: Thouet, 1994,
288 pp., 87 colour ills., numerous b/w ills.
Order number 100 536, DM 24.80

This is - in my opinion - one of the two best German books
on games and cards published in the last years. The
exhibition focused on one hand on playing cards and tarots
and on the other hand on board games like chess and
backgammon. The intend was to present the cultural history
of these games from the 15th to the 17th century.
Not all catalogue entries are illustrated, the emphasis being
on the text that represents a summary of the latest research
on these matters. The extensive bibliography is a treasure-house
for useful hints.


Elsewhere, I found some further books:

6. Radau/Himmelheber: "Spielkarten". Munich/Berlin, 1991;
495 pp.; DM 39,80

This is the catalogue of the playing cards in the collection
of the Bayrisches Nationalmuseum, Munich. Some colour plates. All
the decks are illustrated in black and white. A lot of the decks
are illustrated in full, but at least 12, 16, 20 cards are shown.
The introductions treat the history of the collection and of playing
card tax in Bavaria. The book conains the best assortment of
playing card backs (10 pages) that I've ever seen brought together.

7. "Schweizer Spielkarten". Catalogue of the exhibion Zürich, 1978/79;
Zürich, 1978; 262 pp.; DM 14.80

Simply the best book on Swiss playing cards - and on of the best books
on cards in general due to the central (geographical) position of
Switzerland in playing card history. Most of the catalogued items
(200 in number) are illustrated in black and white. The book treats
all playing cards made in Switzerland, their manufacture, their
makers. A number of introductions on costumes on playing cards, views
on playing cards etc. complete the book.

8. Endrei/Zolnay: "Spiele und Unterhaltung im alten Europa". Hanau, 1988;
196 pp.; DM 16.80

This is the German edition of the work that has been translated to
English as "Fun and Games in Old Europe". All kinds of games and sports from
Mediaval or Early Modern times are treated. Many illustrations both
in colour and in black and white.

9. Kohlmann/Radau/Schlede: "Bube, Dame, König. Alte Spielkarten
aus Berliner Museen und Privatsammlungen". Berlin, 1982;
215 pp.; DM 14.80

Allthough this is the catalogue of an exhibiton featuring playing
cards only from private and museum collection of Berlin, this
book illustrates most kinds of German playing cards that there
have ever been. All of the 196 catalogue numbers are illustrated.
Additionally, this book contains the best history of the Berlin
pattern to date.

10. Uwe-Volker Segeth: "Spielkarten - Jugendstil und Art Déco".
Vienna, 1994; 159 pp.; DM 49.95

This is a coffee-table book of playing cards. All the illustrations
are in colour, most of them illustrated in full! These are the best
illustrations of playing cards I've ever seen. In short, the
illustrations in this book are able to serve as a substitue for
owning these decks yourself!

11. Detlef Hoffmann: "Spielkarten". Frankfurt, 1972; 316 pp.;
DM 18,-

Catalogue of the playing cards in the collection of the
Historisches Museum Frankfurt. Most of the 178 numbers illustrated
in black and white. Some colour plates. A fundamental works
that most of the later books build on. (I've seen only one
copy left)

12. Sylvia Mann: "All Cards on the Table/Alle Karten auf den
Tisch". Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Marburg, 1990; 2 vol., ca. 630
pags alltogether; DM 58,-

This is the definite book on Standard playing cards. It treats
all the patterns all over the world. All 275 numbers are illustrated,
each on a separete page. Some colour ills. Text in parallel
German/English colums.

Twelve items! I've got no idea why so much fine books are sold
off at the moment, but that's like it is.
I'm able to supply more and detailed information on the books or how
to get them. Upon interest, please mail.

Have a nice day,

**       Christian Joachim Hartmann 
**       lukian at Null.net
**       christian.hartmann at uni-duesseldorf.de

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