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Trevor G James trevor.james at virgin.net
Fri May 29 14:32:13 PDT 1998

Kimberly Connell wrote:
> Hello all,
> I discovered this list while searching for an answer to my question that no
> one can seem to answer - hopefully someone can help.
> The children's book "Heckedy Peg" by Audrey Wood is based on a 16th century
> chidren's game.  I am trying to discover the name of the game and how it is
> played.  A synopsis of the story follows.
> A mother has seven children named of the days of the week.  She goes to
> market and gets  what each child has requeste (knife, pitcher, salt, etc.).
> While she is away a witch appears and the children allow her in.  The witch
> turns the children into food and takes them.  The mother returns home, a
> blackbird shows her the way to the witche's hut.  The mother has to figure
> out which food is which child.  She figures it out by knowing each child by
> what they wanted (pie wants knife, that't Monday, milk wants pitcher,
> that's Tuesday, etc.).
> Any clues?  TIA  for any help.  K.
Dear Kimberly,

Only negative info, I'm afraid. No mention of such a game in:
"Sports & Pastimes"; Strutt, J. (1834 ed)
"Traditional Games of England, Scotland & Ireland, Vols. I & II"; Gomme,
A.B. (1894-98)
"Pleasures & Pastimes in Medieval England"; Reeves, C. (1995)
"Sports & Games"; Jewell, B. (1977)


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