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Kimberly Connell KConnell at Cortland.cnyric.org
Fri May 29 08:01:00 PDT 1998

Hello all,
I discovered this list while searching for an answer to my question that no
one can seem to answer - hopefully someone can help.

The children's book "Heckedy Peg" by Audrey Wood is based on a 16th century
chidren's game.  I am trying to discover the name of the game and how it is
played.  A synopsis of the story follows.

A mother has seven children named of the days of the week.  She goes to
market and gets  what each child has requeste (knife, pitcher, salt, etc.).
While she is away a witch appears and the children allow her in.  The witch
turns the children into food and takes them.  The mother returns home, a
blackbird shows her the way to the witche's hut.  The mother has to figure
out which food is which child.  She figures it out by knowing each child by
what they wanted (pie wants knife, that't Monday, milk wants pitcher,
that's Tuesday, etc.).

Any clues?  TIA  for any help.  K.

Kimberly L. Connell
OCM BOCES Itinerant Librarian
Cortland City School District
Dryden Central School District
Cortland and Dryden New York
KConnell at Cortland.cnyric.org

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