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Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Thu May 14 03:15:42 PDT 1998

Thanks for all your comments. A lot has already been
said concerning the images of the cards, but I'd like
to come back to the 'gaming' aspect.

At 17:55 13.05.98 -0600, Teri C. Kennedy wrote:
>The only resemblance I see to chess is the number of 8 tiles per side.

I agree. I guess that the chess-board has only been used
as a basis for a different game.

>First, I would turn the board so that the 'ones' are at the top.  *Each*
>number-set (four each of 1 thru 12)  is arranged together, and travels
>clockwise around the board, then in toward the center (except for number 11,
>which are set at the corners of the inner circle). 

>OK.  what if this board were meant for 4 players? ...

Yes, now I notice that this is another 'argument'
against this board having been used for chess:

The board exhibits a four-sided symmetry, with 12
squares illustrated with cards 'looking towards' each
player, if we propose this to be a four-sided board-game.

The sixteen squares illustrated with the 'Aces', heads
and ornaments are diagonally orientated which would
point to them being different from the 'normal' squares
with cards on.

>Are you *sure* this is actually *from* the 17th century?  Yeah, I know I'm a
>SCAdian, but with the spinner, the movement clockwise around a board, and
>the Queens of "Love & Beauty" not actually participating in the 'battle',
>... it looks like a recent SCAdian invention to me!

I cannot be positive about this 17th century, since most of the other
assumptions in the book made about this board aren't correct, but
if there is a contemporary artist (or artisan?) capable of prodcing
such nice pieces, I'd like to know of him or her.


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