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At 20:37 13.05.98 -0500, Mckay, Michael wrote:
>The German suits showed up individually as early as 1460,
>collectively a decade or so later.  They also settled on 3 court cards
>(king, over, under), and dropped the "1" card (aka. ACE) around this time.
>The 10 is represented as a "banner" (the flag mentioned above).  You can
>tell the over and under, because they will have the suit sign above or below

On second thought, allthough the four kings, obers and unders
are clearly recognisable, it is true that the three of the four
unders are women, i.e. the Unders of acorns, hearts and leaves -
or aren't they? Since I don't know much about the development of
costumes, I cannot be sure, but I think that male unders should
wear the 'Spanish fashion' at that time, like the Obers.

In that case, I judge the depiction of three female court in a
pack of German cards of this time to be unusual.

In contrast, the presence of jesters of fools on the courts of
the bells-suit is quite common.

>PS: I'm amazed at the amount of trivia I have memorized. 

Why trivia(l)?   ;-)


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