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Chas historic at protocom.com
Tue May 12 12:25:04 PDT 1998

I have been re-reading Cotton's "Complete Gamester" and was wondering if anyone 
could tell me if my interpretation of a couple games makes sense (or if I seem to be 
sniffing glue).

Many thanks!
A two player game, with no crib. The name comes from the fact that during melding the 
color of the cards as well the numbers affect your score. The first person to reach 31 
point wins.

Three cards are dealt to each player, and the next card is turned. If the non-dealer does not 
like the turned-up card, he can ³Mogg² or ask the dealer to turn up a different card. If the 
dealer refuses, the non-dealer pegs one point. The dealer pegs 4 points if he turns up a 
two, or a Jack. Play begins as in standard cribbage, however scoring is slightly different.

Scoring: Players peg during play for the number of cards that have been played so far in 
the hand. A player who lays a card that brings the total to 15, pegs 1 point for every card 
that has been layed on the table.Points are score the same for if a player reaches a total of 
25, 30, or 31 points, as well as for laying the last card without going over 31.

Peg one point for every card in your hand that adds up to a total of 15, or 25. (a hand of 
5-6-4 totals 15  -The player pegs 3 points for 3 cards totaling 15. A hand of 10-5-2 would 
score two points for the 10-5 combination).
Peg 4 points for reaching 31 using what is in your hand plus the turned-up card.
Pairs = peg 2 points.
Jacks = 2 points.
A Jack matching the suit of the turned card = 4 points.
A Two matching the suit of the turned card = 4 points.
³Colours² 3 of one color (2 spades & 1 club as example) = 2 points
³Costly Colours² 3 of one suit. = 6 points
A ³Pair Royal² 3 of a kind = 9 points.

Although modern playing card books I have do not refer to Penneech as a Cribbage game 
(possibly classifying it merely as a trick-taking game), it seems perfect for it since it is a 
point earning game where the winner is the first to reach 61. I have re-arranged the order 
of things from Cotton's description so that points are pegged immediately as they come 
up, rather than having to remember at the end of the hand which suit was trump for each 

Two players, seven cards are dealt to each, and the next card is turned to determine 
trump. No crib, Aces are high. If the turned-up card is face card, or an Ace the dealer 
pegs as follows: Ace=5, King=4, Queen=3, Jack=2.

Every time a player wins a trick (including the 7th, or final trick of the hand.) he turns up 
a new card, so that trump changes after each trick. This also allows the player turning up 
the next trump to peg for turning an Ace, or face card, as just described for the dealer. 
The person who plays the Ace, King, Queen, or Jack of trump during play pegs the same 
number of points.

The Seven of diamonds is ³Penneech² and beats all other cards when Diamonds are 
trump. When diamonds are not trump, the seven beats all other diamonds. It also scores: 
-14 points for the player who turned up for trump.
- 7 points when it is played from a players hand while diamonds are the trump suit.

When all the tricks have been taken the players count their cards and peg 1 point for every 
card they have taken above their original seven. Cotton also explained that if you are dealt 
no aces, or face cards you may ³throw up your game nand deal again,² although he did 
not mention if their is a penalty for this.

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