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Mon May 4 20:57:57 PDT 1998

In response to Chas' question about sources which mention 
using knucklebones for divination

Pennick, N. (1989).  Secret Games of the Gods:  Ancient Ritual Systems in
Board Games.  Maine:  Samuel Weiser, Inc. ISBN 0-87728-752-X

Pg.  31. talks of using knucklebones for divination.  It mentions one set
found in digs near the former Roman town of Caister-by-Norwich, Norfolk.
They were alsmost all identical except for one which was much larger than
the other.  It came from a roe deer and bore a runic inscription.  

The text continues to discuss astragali and dice.  

I hope this helps.

Torfengr Bjornsdottir
(Tori Gustfson)

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