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Tablero was one of the first games that I learned to play upon joining the
SCA.  I have always played (and everyone I play with in this area has used
the same rules) that you may end a turn by taking *any* tokens that are
part of a row of 2 or more.  Thus you could line up a row of 2 and a row
of 3 and take all 5 tokens.  It is not neccesary to line up all 5.
Technichally you could take all 7 tokens by having a row of 2 and 5, a row
of 2, 2, and 3, a row of 4 and 3, or one row of 7.  

In regards to the rule that you need to take a row of 3 or more, this is
certainly one way to play, if both parties agree.  Sometimes I play a
"hard-core" tablero where you may only take tokens if you are able to
clear the board.  But the basic rules that I have read all say that you
only need a row of two to take the tokens (of course, only those of weak
blood would end a turn at two peices...)


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