hist-games: tablero

Adelle Hartley Adelle at verdant.com.au
Sun May 3 18:24:23 PDT 1998

> I am relatively new to the list and have enjoyed the insights into
> medieval
> games presented here.  My name is Torfengr Bjornsdottir (Tori
> Gustafson)and
> I would like to ask a question about Tablero.  A friend and I are
> having a
> disagreement.  I know that a person's turn ends whenever there is a
> "bad"
> roll of the dice or when the person decides to pick up two or more
> coins
> which are aligned.  What I do not know is how to handle a case where
> there
> are two rows of aligned coins (for example: there are 3 in one row and
> three in another, or 3 in one row and 4 in the other, etc.)  Can the
> person
> in control pick up only one row and end their turn or can they pick up
> both
> sets of aligned coins?  If they  can pick up both, what about rows of
> 2, 2,
> and 2?  I have not seen a source that says you can pick up more than
> one
> set; yet, I have not seen one that says you cannot.  Does anyone have
> any
> ideas?  
	I didn't think you were allowed to pick up a row of less than 3
- not that that
	actually answers your question.


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