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Mark Waks justin at inmet.com
Mon Apr 27 08:06:00 PDT 1998

For general information:

Lo Scarabeo, purveyors of pretty much all the best historical Tarot
decks, has apparently just come out with a really nice rendition of the
Visconti "deck" (actually an amalgam of a few decks, I gather). It's a
bit less historically-accurate than the "usual" full-size deck that's
been out for years -- it's reduced to a more normal card size, and each
card has a "frame" with an index and the name of the card. But those
same characteristics make it much easier to actually play Tarocchi

So if you're looking for an extremely pretty, if not utterly historical,
Tarocchi deck, keep your eyes open for this one...

I got my copy at WordsWorth in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. I gather
that it can be ordered online and shipped; try going to
"www.wordsworth.com" and searching on the words visconti and tarot. It's
the "Visconti Gold Tarot Deck", and costs $25 at WordsWorth. It's
probably also available at better gaming shops; I've had some luck
finding Lo Scarabeo decks at various game stores. (I get the impression
that it's a specialty imprint of US Games, which would explain its wide

The Laurel in me is compelled to point out that this is a reproduction
of an *extremely* upper-class Renaissance deck -- from its condition,
it's likely that it was considered an art deck, and never played with.
Most period Tarot decks were quite a bit simpler. But it's still

				-- Justn

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