hist-games: Copy of Murray to be for sale

Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Mon Mar 9 08:39:00 PST 1998

Okay, let's try this again...

I once again have a lead on a copy of A History of Board-Games Other
Than Chess, by HJR Murray, one of the principal works on our topic. In
theory, it is being shipping to me even now, so hopefully I won't get
undercut this time. I'm looking to resell it to someone who wants it.

The price is a bit steep: $156, plus S&H. I know it's a lot, but that's
what I'm paying to Amazon, and it's not wildly out of line -- when you
can find the book (which is rarely), it's typically $110 - $150.
Condition is currently unknown, although Amazon guarantees it to be in
"good condition" or better. (That is, worn but intact and readable.)
Once I have it in hand, I can describe the condition in more detail. I
should have it within the next day or two, since it's being sent US
Priority mail. (I can only pray the mailman has the good sense to put it
out of the rain.)

A couple of you have expressed interest before, and will get first dibs
if you want it, but anyone who is interested should tell me, in case the
previous requestors don't. (And if nothing else, it tells me whether I
should continue to keep an eye open for future copies...)

Write to me directly if you'd be interested in buying it off of me...

				-- Justin

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"Better late than never look a gift horse to water but you can't fool
 all of the people in order to form a more perfect union."
		-- John Berryhill

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