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Fri Jan 30 08:55:10 PST 1998

David Salley wrote:
> Now, back to the topic of this discussion group...
> _A History of Chess_ by J. Gizycki : $25
> I've never heard of either author.  Does anyone know if these books are
> worth it, or should I wait until he transfers is to a lower price table.

>From my bibliography:

Gizycki, Jerzy. A History of Chess. 
     The Abbey Library, London, 1972. 

Yet another book with probably the most popular of all game-history
titles. This book is less a straightforward history like Murrary, and
more a curious grab-bag of Chess Culture. It is rather interesting,
although not important.

Chapters in this oversized book include things like "Chess and
Machines", "Love and War at the Chessboard", "Living Chess", and so on.
It has a few chapters on straightforward history, but much of the
content there is about modern chess; there is a non-trivial amount of
discussion about period, but it is lightweight compared with Murray,
with whom this book doesn't try to compete.

The book is heavily illustrated, but a large fraction of the pictures
are modern cartoons and photographs.


Personally, I don't know if I'd pay $25 for it; I think I paid around
$15, which seemed about right...

				-- Justin

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