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Thu Jan 29 16:53:35 PST 1998

>Now, back to the topic of this discussion group...
>_A History of Chess_ by J. Gizycki : $25
>_Chess: An Illustrated History_ by Raymond Koene: $35

>I've never heard of either author.  Does anyone know if these books are
>worth it, or should I wait until he transfers is to a lower price table.
>(He does, I just picked up _The Domesday Boke_ for $10!)  Comments?

A History of Chess_ by J. Gizycki : $25 - the 1960 translation by T.
Polishe is definately worth the price. The 1972 translation by B.H. Wood
is an abridgement that probabably is worth $25, but only if you can afford
it. Don't skip meals to save the money - it isnt that good.  The 1972
edition has better illistrations than either the original or the 1960
edition. If any other editions exist I've never seen them.

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