hist-games: Buffalo's Oddest Used Book Store

David Salley salley at niktow.canisius.edu
Thu Jan 29 13:25:05 PST 1998

It's called simply, "Buffalo Books".  It's located in one of the malls, but
once you walk in, you feel like you're in some little hole in the wall shop
on some side street.  You can't see out the windows into the mall because
the books are all piled up against the glass.  He has shelves for about
half the books in the store, if that.  The rest are simply stacked up on
tables or the floor.  The truly weird part is that the books are only
sorted by price, not by topic.  All books this table $6@, another table
$8 @.  One table holds exactly 1,000 books.  $100 for entire collection,
will not divide.  I chose books from four different tables and made a mental
note of which book was from which table so he could ring up the sale.  He
didn't need it.  He simply glanced and each book and rang it up correctly.

Now, back to the topic of this discussion group...
_A History of Chess_ by J. Gizycki : $25
_Chess: An Illustrated History_ by Raymond Koene: $35

I've never heard of either author.  Does anyone know if these books are
worth it, or should I wait until he transfers is to a lower price table.
(He does, I just picked up _The Domesday Boke_ for $10!)  Comments?
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