hist-games: Illustr. of Pope-Joan boards

Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Wed Jan 21 03:05:15 PST 1998

At 13:18 20.01.98 -0600, Charles L Knutson wrote:
>> Note: I haven't got any illustrations of boards for "Poque", "Bog" of
>> for "Glic", too. Anybody know any?
>Doesn't Parlett feel that Poch and Glic are virtually the same? pg 87.

He does, but a "Poque" board made by a french vernacular artist should
look different from a German "Poch" board of the same time.
And a "Bog" board of the 19th century should look differnt of a "Glic"
board of the 16th, though the basic function of them may be the same.

I'm not talking about the rule, the abstract principles, of games here,
but about their realisation in the everyday life of their propper period.

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