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Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Tue Jan 20 00:22:45 PST 1998

As the Poch-board in Frederic V. Grunfeld's book
"Games of the world" is mentioned, I would like to
add that in my opinion this book contains TWO
illustrations of old Poch-boards.

Apart of the one illustrated under "Poch", an
octagonal board from 1713, I think the one
illustrated under and explained to be for the game
of "Glückshaus" to be a board for Poch, too.
This square board, richly painted, is from 1583.

Both boards are from the collection of the Bavarian
National Museum, Munich. The supposed 'Glückshaus'
board was identified as such by the expert on games
Erwin Glonnegger, but this lacks proof in my opinion.

A true board for Glückshaus is illustrated under "games
at dice" on p. 137 of my edition.

Ongoing, accumulative bibliography for Grunfeld's book:
	Grunfeld, Frederic V. (Ed.): Games of the world. New York: Holt,
	Rinehart & Winston 1975, 0-03-015261-5; ©1975 by Product Development
	Int. n. v. · Plenary Publicati-ons, New York; German ed.: Spiele der
	Welt. Geschichte · Spielen · Selbermachen. Dt. Bearb. v. Oker, Eugen.
	Frankfurt: Wolfgang Krüger Vlg 1976, 3-8105-1701-1; TB-Ausg.: Frankfurt
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>M. Labranche wrote:
>>This may help the person who was looking for the Pope Joan tray/board.
>>There is a section on the related game of Poch (including a photograph of 
>>a very ornate 1713 board and dirctions for making a clay board with cups 
>>for counters) in the book
>>Games of the World:
>>how to make them, how to play them, how they came to be
>>Published by Swiss Committee for UNICEF
>>Created by:
>>Plenary Publications International, Incorporated
>>300 East 40 Street, New York, NY 10016
>>(c) 1975 Product Development International
>>Sorry I could not find an ISBN.

At 01:31 19.01.98 +0100, josep-lluís pibernat wrote:
>ISBN: 0-03-015261-5 (original edition published by Holt, Rinehart &
>Winston, New York, 1975)

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