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Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Mon Jan 19 20:59:53 PST 1998

At 20:18 16.01.98 -0600, Charles L Knutson wrote:
>Sorry. another question actually, not a reply...  The earliest 
>reference I've found mentioned to Pope Joan is circa 1730's but the 
>author didn't say where the reference was found. Does Anyone have 
>anything earlier? Since the board markings are similar to Poch I've 
>assumed some authors may have mistaken them for each other 
>thereby confusing Pope Joan's origins.
>MacGregor Historic Games

Hello Charles,

Parlett, in his "Oxford guide to card games" (paperback ed.:"History
of Card Games"), gives 1732 as the earliest reference to Pope Joan,
taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.
Though this is the earliest mention of the _name_ of the game, he says
that the rules aren't recorded until the end of this century.

As Parlett's account is perfectly clear and convincing, I never thought
about mistakes having been made by prior researchers. Parlett sets
Pope Joan in a succession of card games with the 'stop' feature.
He says that Pope Joan is the English adaption of the French game of
"Nain Jaune", which does make use of a special board, too.

This board may have been in turn inspired by the game of "Poque", a French adaption of "Poch". This "Poque" was first described in French in 1718.
I don't now if "Poque" used a board at all, but I assume that this was indeed
the case, because "Poque's" successor "Bog" (still to be found in rule books)
uses one.

Note: I haven't got any illustrations of boards for "Poque", "Bog" of
for "Glic", too. Anybody know any?

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