hist-games: Illustr. of Pope-Joan boards

Charles L Knutson knutsonc at freenet.msp.mn.us
Fri Jan 16 18:18:27 PST 1998

Sorry. another question actually, not a reply...  The earliest 
reference I've found mentioned to Pope Joan is circa 1730's but the 
author didn't say where the reference was found. Does Anyone have 
anything earlier? Since the board markings are similar to Poch I've 
assumed some authors may have mistaken them for each other 
thereby confusing Pope Joan's origins.

MacGregor Historic Games

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Christian Joachim Hartmann wrote:

> Dear Subscribers,
> I've seen a good number of illustrations of
> boards for the card game Poch, but until now
> the only illustration I have of a board for
> the similar game at cards "Pope Joan" is
> the one in Parlett's "dictionary of card
> games".

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