hist-games: 6-sided teetotum

Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Sun Jan 4 20:06:27 PST 1998

Dear Subscribers,

last month, I bought a six-sided teetotum, showing
on its six faces the letters

S.Z  S.D  N.A  N.H  N.D  L.S

A teetotum is a little gyro(scope), to be spun on a
table, which will fall on one of its sides, therefore
an equivalent to a common die.

First question:
Can anybody give an explanation of these letters
and state the game that was played with the teetotum?

Second question:
I know I read somewhere about the letters on old
four-sided teetotums and their meanings.
Does anybody know what letters are supposed to
be on a traditional teetotum and what they mean?

Thank you,

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