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Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Wed Jan 7 02:51:51 PST 1998

At 07:41 27.12.97 -0600, Charles L Knutson wrote:
>I just gor Bell's The Board Game Book (1979) as a present, and was loking 
>at a game called "Zodiac" that he says is in Alphonso X's book of games. 
>I'm curious if anyone has seen other decriptions of rules for it as I 
>have a couple questions.
>Also are there any translations of Alphonso's MS out there?
>Rose & Pentagram Design
>MacGregor Historic Games

Me too, I read a lot about Alfonsos book but I never got to read IN it.
I have however started to collect some bibliographical data I want to
make use of some day.
Here it is, maybe it'll help:

Murray, A history of board-games other than chess, uses this edition:
"Das Spanische Schachzabelbuch des K. Alfonso des Weisen." Leipzig 1913.

Another book cites the supposedly same work as 'The facsimile editon
of John G. White, Leipzig 1913".

A reference for colour illustrations is:
Pilar Garcia-Morencos: "Libro de ajedrez, dados y tablas de Alfonso el Sabio",
Madrid 1977.

A German translation:
Arnold Steiger: "Das Schachzabelbuch des Königs Alfons des Weisen",
Zürich-Erlenbach: Eugen Rentsch Verlag 1941.

I've got the last four references from an article by Ulrich Schädler who is to
publish his new German translation in the near future. I definitely look 
forward to that edition!

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