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Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Mon Jan 5 11:45:08 PST 1998

Mark Waks wrote:
> > Also are there any translations of Alphonso's MS out there?
> I wish. Murray gives some excerpts here and there, but nothing anywhere
> near comprehensive. I'm given to understand that some university group
> *may* have a transcription on CD-ROM; I need to investigate that, one of
> these days.

God bless the Web. I sat down and did a quick search based on the info I
had, and turned up the following Web page:


This is the result of a project to transcribe the complete prose works
of Alfonso into electronic form. It is *not* publically accessible;
however, it can be ordered on CD-ROM for $40. I'm going to throw the
dice and try ordering -- we'll see what the results look like. The disk
actually contains the text of some 20 books; the relevant one is:

ACE 1283 - Libros de ajedrez, dados y tablas : Escorial: Monasterio

It's not clear whether the disk includes any facsimiles; if the
illustrations aren't there, it's less useful, but still probably worth
the money...

				-- Justin
				   Who will then, of course, have to
				     teach himself Spanish...

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