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Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Mon Jan 5 11:14:50 PST 1998

Charles L Knutson wrote:
> I just gor Bell's The Board Game Book (1979) as a present, and was loking
> at a game called "Zodiac" that he says is in Alphonso X's book of games.
> I'm curious if anyone has seen other decriptions of rules for it as I
> have a couple questions.

As I recall, it's described in Murray's Board Games Other Than Chess,
and in Salaamallah (Jeff DeLuca)'s Medieval Games. Although, as I
recall, both of those descriptions also leave some gaps. For full biblio
info, check out my bibliography under the Period Games page. I've got a
set (two, actually, by chance), but haven't played it yet.

> Also are there any translations of Alphonso's MS out there?

I wish. Murray gives some excerpts here and there, but nothing anywhere
near comprehensive. I'm given to understand that some university group
*may* have a transcription on CD-ROM; I need to investigate that, one of
these days. I concur with Greg that this would make a great online
project, to translate this one and make it available...

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