hist-games: New Rules for "Farmer in the Dell"

David Salley salley at niktow.canisius.edu
Tue Dec 16 18:45:55 PST 1997

Over the weekend, my wife was reading an interesting account on the web.
In Utah, a gradeschool teacher was brought before the state schoolboard
to answer charges that she was actively promoting homosexual lifestyles
in her second grade class.  It seems she was teaching the kids how to
play "Farmer in the Dell" and there were more girls than boys in the
class.  In order to give everyone a turn, girls as well as boys were
allowed to be the farmer.  Since the next verse is, "the farmer takes a
wife" the girl farmers were choosing girl "wives".  The kids told their
parents about their day in school, and several parents complained that
the teacher was encouraging lesbian living arrangements by pairing girls
with girls in the game.  The state school board decided that the teacher
was innocent of any wrongdoing, however from now on, only boys could be
Farmer in the Dell.  To even things out, only girls could be The Cheese
Stands Alone.  Ah, the joys of being a teacher! :-)  Hmmmm, women are 
not supposed to be primary wage-earners like farmers, only secondary
occupations like spouses and dairy products.  I wonder if ERA or NOW has
an e-mail account? :-) :-)  
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