hist-games: Manifest Detection of Diceplay on web site

Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Thu Dec 4 13:38:28 PST 1997

Alexx S Kay wrote:
> My (very first draft) transcription of Gilbert Walker's _A Manifest
> Detection of Diceplay..._ is now available on Justin's gaming web
> site.

More specifically, it's under the Transcriptions and Facsimiles page
there. If anyone else is feeling like being generous with their labor,
I'd be more than happy to see this page grow...

				-- Justin

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"You couldn't write a manual on tying your shoes in Elizabethan England
 without first tracing the practice back to Adam and Eve, expounding on
 the noble art of shoe tying under the Caesars and the Israelites,
 hooking it into Christian and Aristotelian philosophy, and finally
 cooking up an elaborate over-arching theory of why all gentlemen
 should know 17 different ways to tie their shoes. Then you had to
 explain why your system of shoe tying was vastly superior to any other
 competing system of shoe tying, throw in a couple of obsequious poems
 to the patrons who funded you while you wrote your book, and describe
 your system - annotated with historical examples and woodblock
 illustrations - in 258 pages plus an elaborate title page and
		-- Lothar

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