hist-games: Cribbage (6-handed)

Charles L Knutson knutsonc at freenet.msp.mn.us
Thu Dec 4 11:36:06 PST 1997

While this isn't necessarily "historic" gaming, Except in the age of 
cribbage, I was wondering if any one has seen rules for playing cribbage with
 six people. I have rules for 3, or 4 handed, but we've seen a 3-sided
 cribbage board in a catalog that claimed could be used with up to the 6 
people. I assume its played with partners. I've looked at the web sites for 
various cribbage playing clubs/ associations, but could find it in any of 
their rules. Mainly we wondered how manyu cards are dealt and how many 
discard to the crib?

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