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patsmith patsmith at dnaco.net
Wed Dec 3 19:32:42 PST 1997

Christian Joachim Hartmann wrote:

>I found a reference stating that a similar board was found in Kurna
>around 1400 B.C. I suppose it was scratched on the same block of stone
>together with the early Nin-Men's-Morris-board and the early
Mancala-board. :-)  

Actually, according to the doctorial thesis of the researcher who spent
something like 9 years going over the stones from the temple disassembles
and moved when the High Aswan Dam was build, there were several thousand
identifiable game boards marked on the stones. Only faces of the stones
that had not been exposed were studied. Well over 100,000 different
markings, not just game boards were found. All of them were photographed,
but the microfilmed copy of the thesis I had access to did not contain any
photographs, and only a few hundred drawings. It was only an english
translation, and was not the definitive document. It still ran over 1000
pages. The copy I had access to was in the Michigan State University
Library. When I still lived in East Lansing, I couldn't afford the copying
costs for it, so I don't own a copy myself.  I believe part of his work
was written up in National Geographic in the late 60's or early 70's. I
don't know if it has ever been made available on the net.
  Take care,
    Pat Smith/Brusten


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