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Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Wed Dec 3 13:16:35 PST 1997

Christian Joachim Hartmann asked:
> Question: Would the members of this mailing list suggest "Nine-Men's-Morris"
>           or rather "Merels" as the generic name of this family of games?

I tend to use either just "Morris" or "Merels" as the generic term for
the family. "Nine Men's Morris" has a strong connotation of the specific
(nine piece per side) game, so I avoid it when talking about the family
in general...

				-- Justin

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"In many respects the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights
and the
 American Dream are, in their hour of triumph, as strong as ever. But in
 way they are weaker: the collapse of communism has robbed them of an
 against which they have been explicitly contrasted for more than half a 
 century. For Manichaeans, which means for many Americans, the world has
 black and white; with the blackness gone, the whiteness now shines
 less brightly."
		-- from The Economist

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