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Alexx S Kay alexx at world.std.com
Sun Nov 30 12:19:19 PST 1997

I'm doing a fair amount of research into 16th century crime, and am 
interested in the source of the terms you posted.  I'll look up a
copy of Cotton myself, but would be interested in any other relevant
sources you could point me to.  At some point (when I have a bit more
time) I could certainly put together some significabt additiob to your 
list, but want to look at your sources first, which seem to have a few
that I haven't heard before.

One thing I could do without spending a lot of time, is send to the
list a copy of my (first draft) transcription of "A manifest detection
of the most vile and detestable use of Diceplay, and other practices 
like the same."  It's about 100K, so I wouldn't want to send it without
checking first whether people minded or not.  It doesn't have much
info on the rules of the dice and card games discussed, but does
talk about the social framework in which they were used (and abused).
Oh, I forgot to mention, it was originally published in London, at
around 1550.  There's neither date nor author listed, unfortunately.
I hadd managed to track down some information regarding these, but
have mislaid those notes.  At any rate, if there is general interest,
I'll be happy to mail copies, either to the list or to individuals.


Alexx at world.std.com
"Don't think of it as stealing, think of it as creative shopping!"
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