hist-games: Dice terms

Charles L Knutson knutsonc at freenet.msp.mn.us
Fri Nov 28 11:11:38 PST 1997

   I've been assembling a list of historic dicing terms. Can anyone add to, 
or correct what I have so far? Most I found in Cotton's "The Complete 


Bristle dice: A pig bristle embedded in the center spot of the five, its 
point just flush with the surface of the die. On a baize, or cloth surface, 
the point was supposed to catch and slow the roll.

Chance: Taking your throw, or chance at the dice.

Fullums: High, or Low fullums are mis-marked dice on which certain 
numbers are repeated.

Knapping: Possibly to throw the dice so that one strikes another, 
stopping the bottom dice from tumbling.

Mark: Usually a neutral score that wins nothing, but allows the player to 
continue to roll the dice.

Nick: A winning roll in Hazard, or a "natural" in modern Craps.

Out: A losing roll.

Run a Millstone: Possibly to cause dice to land one on top of the other, 
as an upper millstone grinding grain turns on the lower stone. See also 

Slurring: A method of cheating, throwing the dice gently so they slide, 
without tumbling.

Stabbing: Using a rigged dice cup.

Topping: A method of cheating by palming.

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