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John Brattan john.brattan at hunterlink.net.au
Sat Nov 22 16:14:21 PST 1997

Ed Hopkins ,
> When I look up "dart" in my trusty little Collins Latin Gem,
> it says, "iaculum", but when I look up "iaculum", it translates
> it back as "javelin".  But if I saw a lead-weighted, foot-long
> dart, I'd probably call it a javelin, too.

Hey, what about Telum, missile weapon - shaft or dart? :-)

According to 'Osprey Warrior Series Late Roman Infantry', the darts used
were called plumbatae. Collins Gem Latin tells me Plumbum mean lead;
bullet, pipe, ruler. I assume 'bullet' is talking about the ammunition for
slings - yet another story.

A javelin was a wooden spear about 4 to 6ft long  with an iron head on it,
used for a similar purpose to darts so it doesn't surprise me that the
words are interchangable. 

Does anyone know if the Greeks etc used darts? Also, what about origins of
track and field games such as the Olympic 'Games'- javelin, shotput,

John Brattan 
Secretary for Samildanach
Viking Invasions of Britain C10th - C11th
Maitland NSW Australia

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