hist-games: Copy of "Board Games Other Than Chess", anyone?

Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Thu Nov 20 08:06:06 PST 1997

I just got notification that Amazon Books has just succeeded in an
ancient used-book search I put out on HJR Murray's "History of Board
Games Other Than Chess". I've already gotten a copy, quite a while ago,
but I was wondering if someone else here wants it.

They're asking $94 for the book; taking the multi-way shipping into
account, I'd be willing to obtain it and send it on to someone here for
$100. I will ask that you send me a check before I send it on (after I
obtain the book, of course), since it's a fair amount of money. 
Alternatively, I'm willing to cancel my order, and you can try to place
the order at Amazon yourself; if their computers are smart enough, they
might still have it registered, and get it directly to you quickly. This
is a little riskier (someone else could snap up the book in the
meantime), but is easier from my side, since it means that we don't have
to hassle with me playing middleman.

The book is basically the main text on world board games -- it's a bit
old (mid-50's), but is still the book that most sources draw on first. A
bit dense and sometimes too concise, but it has the best breadth of any
book on the subject. Mostly, but by no means entirely, focused on
historical games.

If you are interested, please respond *immediately* -- Amazon wants me
to RSVP within three days, which effectively means tomorrow...

				-- Justin

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