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About darts, the Late Roman infantryman was well stocked up with a number
of darts which were stored in handy places like in pockets in the shield
etc. These were used to slow down the enemy as they charged or were being
charged. A little easier to handle in the heat of battle, though I guess,
might have suffered from lack of distance. I assume then that practise with
these would lead to competitions amongst the soldiers as was suggested in a
previous post. 

The darts used back then were not the same as those you find in the Crafty
Cockney's fist. They were about a foot long with a heavy weight in the
centre of them. The weight was sometimes made of lead -nasty. Reminds me of
a picture of a English football fan I saw once with a dart hanging out of
his eye socket, no doubt some jolly football fan thought he needed it :-)

About Mayor, the Latin word maior, maioris means older, elder - according
to my Collins Gem dictionary anyway. The word Majesty has its roots here as
well as, of course, Major, a rank in the armed forces. This would suggest
to me the concept of being superior as opposed to the liar concept. Another
guess I spose...

John Brattan 
Secretary for Samildanach
Viking Invasions of Britain C10th - C11th
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