hist-games: Frequently Asked Questions -- Part II (Monthly Posting)

David Salley salley at niktow.canisius.edu
Tue Nov 18 07:51:49 PST 1997

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > The FAQ would be 1,000% more useful if it gave the refs, or pointers
> > to refs. I know this takes a lot of time, but that's the ideal we
> > should strive for.

JLS replies
> I am 1,000% in accord on this point (hence my remark in the previous
> posting that these notes were intended as spurs to discussion--ie. not as
> draft texts for the FAQ). The absence of refs. in FAQ entries so far
> rather limits their usefulness--if we want more out of them, perhaps some
> guidelines should be promulgated.

>   At present, I for one lack the time for composing what I would consider
> really useful entries (ie. w/ at least basic documentation); on the other
> hand, by airing our various half-baked ideas, we may find that it flushes
> out useful alternative perspectives--and eventually some of us may go so
> far as to have a look at the original sources again with a newly critical
> eye. So even if the FAQ itself isn't at this point much use from a
> research perspective, the discussions behind it may be of some value.

This is why I am posting the FAQ list a few games at a time.  If I have to
research EVERY game on the list, by myself, the final list might not come 
out for a couple of years.  This way, at least it's a semi-useful guide 
until entries can be updated with references.  Everybody is more than welcome
to take a game and do the research on it and send me a small paragraph with
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