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Mon Nov 17 06:10:14 PST 1997

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Zax wrote:

> AD&D is not a very good source of documentary, but I have very little
> else, and the information is *somewhat* accurate.  I made an assumption

Anything, or nearly anything, that you can find at a public library would 
be a better source than the AD&D game books.  The authors may or may not 
have a smattering of medieval history, but they really didn't care about 
it when they wrote those books.  Gygax has plainly admitted that the 
inspirations were much more Fritz Lieber, Paul Anderson, and Robert 
Howard (with a schmekele of Burroughs) than anything historical.  Might 
as well consult Xena: Warrior Princess as a source on Classical Greek 

Works of fiction, which include game books, are just that, fiction.  They 
are never acceptable as references.

This is not an assault, but an explicit statement of scholarly practice.

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