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MCKAY_MICHAEL at Tandem.COM wrote:
>re: The Great Dalmuti and related games
>   Typically the term "gilded deck" is used when a special deck is produced to
>play a game that ordinary decks will work just fine for ("Uno" is probably the
>best known game of that sort, but "Rook" is an older example).  The Great
>Dalmuti is based on a series of games called "President" and "Asshole".  I
>don't know the origin of these games, but have seen no clues that they were
>around in period.
>   And although it is off the list topic, I should mention that The Great
>Dalmuti is one of the few gilded decks I find worthwhile.  It has a pryamid
>structure (1 1-card, 2 2-cards, and so on up to 12 12-cards) which I think
>enhances the game over the originals.

If there were anything of the period, I would expect it to be found in
China or Mongolia, which is where games of this type almost certainly
originated. By "this type" I mean games where:

a) instead of leading a single card, you can play a set of matching
cards all at once and subsequent players can beat it with a higher set
of the same size

b) if you cannot or do not wish to beat the highest card or set played
to the "trick" you just pass, and do not play any cards on that turn

c) the "trick" does not end when everyone has had a turn to play but
goes around the table as many times as necessary

d) the aim is to get rid of all your cards.
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