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Tue Nov 11 15:33:01 PST 1997

I always assumed the name of that game was "Mire", but I've never
seen it written down.  It seems to be one of those games that
everybody learns from somebody else, but nobody knows
where it came from.

A few local rules I have come across for the game are:
1) As an alternative to just passing the box on, or shaking it and
looking, a player may also rotate the box so that a different face
is uppermost, and call a new score (without looking).  For example,
if a player is passed a box and told it contains a 4 and a 1, they
could carefully upturn it, and pass it on claiming it as a 6 and a 3.
2) A player may call a lower score than the one shown, and this
doesn't count as a lie.  (This tends to be used only to confuse other

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