hist-games: Frequently Asked Questions -- Part II (Monthly Posting)

Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Mon Nov 10 12:23:51 PST 1997

I don't know a lot about this week's list (active games are *not* my
specialty), but I'll comment on the card game:

David Salley wrote:
> This week's games are:
>         THE GREAT DALMUTI -- invented by Dagonell who will never have to
>         work again except for cashing those royalty checks :-)
>         Seriously, I'm including this on the list because it DOES get
>         asked of me at demos and such.

Extremely modern: invented by Richard Garfield (I believe), of Magic and
RoboRally fame, a couple of years ago. Although trick-taking games of
various sorts are quite period, I'm not aware of anything particularly
close to Dalmuti...

				-- Justin

Random Quote du Jour:

Re: Heraldic Jargon
> I wouldn't know a fimbrilization from
> frumenty except i do cook and know what frumenty is.

When your frumenty gets that thin green border around the edge,
it's fimbriated. Don't eat fimbriated frumenty.
		-- Lord Ras and Baron Steffan

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