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Christian Joachim Hartmann lukian at Null.net
Mon Nov 10 01:17:50 PST 1997

At 13:58 08.11.97 +0000, John McLeod wrote:
>On reading your mail, I wonder if the name for the game that the
>original poster heard might have been "major". Pronounced in German,
>this would sound a bit like "myer" to an English speaker, and it would
>be reasonable for the game to be named after its highest combination.

I though about that, too, but I decided differently.
The English equivalent of the German pronounciation of "Major" would
be something like *'ma-yoer'. At least the stress is on the second syllable
and the "o", whereas in English "major" is stressed on the first syllable
like *"mae-jer".

If I had to explain "myer" as a 'corruption' from German - for which I have
no reason - I could as well assume that "Max" is the name of the top combination
in South Germany and "Meier" could be name for the corresponding
combination in the 'Nurth'.
But this is speculation and I would rather like to hear of other people knowing
that game.


>Christian Joachim Hartmann <lukian at Null.net> wrote:
>>Mrs C S Yeldham wrote at Tue, 28 Oct 1997 10:33:16 -0500:
>>> I'm looking for information on a specific dice game which is much played at
>>> re-enactments here in England, but I haven't seen any original references
>>> to it, and I wondered if you could help me.
>>> The game is called 'myer' (or mia - or any variation on that - I've never
>>> seen it written). 
>- snip -
>>The highest combination is 2 - 1. It is called "Max", "Mäxchen", "Major" or 
>>in German.
>- snip -
>>As to the name "myer" or "mia", I haven’t got any idea. If that name would
>>be of German origin, it might be spelled "Meier". There is a dice game
>>called "Familie Meier", but this is played with three dice and along 
>>different lines.
>>The several different  German names for the game of "myer" have all
>>got to do with "lying" -- a fact understood by all who played that game.
>>I would therefore like to substitute "liar" for "mia".

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