hist-games: Non European games

Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Wed Oct 29 07:18:05 PST 1997

Lachlan Jones wrote:
> In the SCA do you guys only recreate European circumstances a la the Dark
> Ages, Renaissance etc? If so, would this preclude you from playing games
> like Mancala, or (to a much lesser extent)Go, or Shogi? Or would you still
> play these games with the idea that they would have been 'introduced' to
> Europeans somewhere alon g the way?

It's a point of constant debate within the Society, so you won't get a
clean-cut answer. Officially, the SCA recreates "pre-17th century
Western Civilization", but there is lots of room for interpretation in
that phrase. So games like Mancala, that might have been known in Europe
but weren't what you think of as European Games, occupy a sort of grey
area. Some people play and teach them (indeed, the book "Medieval
Games", which is practically the bible of the subject for many in the
SCA, spends considerable space on them); others don't...

				-- Justin
				   Who focuses on the core of Europe,
				     but doesn't regard the issue as

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