hist-games: Non European games

Lachlan Jones boston at terrigal.net.au
Tue Oct 28 19:52:56 PST 1997

Hi everybody, I just wanted to ask something which was brought on by this
snippet in the DIGEST:
>	Invented by Chinese immigrants working on the American railroads
>	in the Old West, circa 1860.
In the SCA do you guys only recreate European circumstances a la the Dark
Ages, Renaissance etc? If so, would this preclude you from playing games
like Mancala, or (to a much lesser extent)Go, or Shogi? Or would you still
play these games with the idea that they would have been 'introduced' to
Europeans somewhere alon g the way?

I ask this because I have seen Mancala-type games discussed in this forum
once or twice before, but no exclusively Oriental board games. I understand
that Shogi is a Japanese variant of Chaturanga(original chess), and thus
probably wouldn't have been played before 600AD. I guess that's still OK for
your period of interest.

Just thinking 'out loud' so to speak..


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