hist-games: [Fwd: Query on dice games]

Mark Waks justin at intermetrics.com
Tue Oct 28 07:33:16 PST 1997

I just got the following inquiry. I don't know the game, but it sounds
at least somewhat plausible, so I figured I'd toss it in here and see if
anyone knows more. If you have any information, please copy:

	Mrs C S Yeldham <csy20688 at ggr.co.uk>

on the message. Thanks...

				-- Justin

Mrs C S Yeldham wrote:
> Dear Justin
> I've been looking at your pages on the Web and admiring the detailed
> knowledge of games shown there.
> I'm looking for information on a specific dice game which is much played at
> re-enactments here in England, but I haven't seen any original references
> to it, and I wondered if you could help me.
> The game is called 'myer' (or mia - or any variation on that - I've never
> seen it written).  If you don't know it, its a bluffing game played by
> three or more (2 is really too few).  The first person shakes, then either
> looks in the dice box or not, passes onto the next person stating what is
> in the box.  The second person will either challenge him by looking in the
> box or pass the box on, or shake and pass the box on (and he can choose
> whether to look or not).  Each call has to be the same or higher than the
> last.  Each round of the game continues until there is a challenge, when if
> the dice in the box show what was called or higher then the caller wins, if
> lower then the challenger wins.  Doubles are higher than singles, double
> six is the highest except for myer which is 1 and 2.  Betting is obvious on
> this.
> Have you come across this game, or something similar?  If so, have you any
> idea where it might have come from?
> Hoping you can help me.
> Caroline

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