hist-games: Freq. Asked Ques. -- Part II : B

Jeff Singman jsingman at umich.edu
Mon Oct 27 13:14:41 PST 1997

The earliest evidence I know of is an engraving in Stella [1659]; I
haven't seen anything else from the 17c.

I can't recall precisely, but I think there is a 16c reference to a game
by this name. The game may also have been related to Stoolball, well
attested in 16 and 17c sources; but Willughby's description of Stoolball
is very different from Cricket; his closest equivalent is Horn Billets, in
which the Ball and Wicket of Cricket is replaced by a wooden billet and a
[Later addendum: that first ref is dated 1598, and suggests that the game
already existed in the first half of the 16c. There is no description of
the game, but a reference in Cotgrave's F-E Dictionary in 1611 is
consistent with later information on Cricket.]

This one has come up before, I think--the only evidence I know of before
1700 is a single domino found with the Mary Rose, probably an infall from
a later date. This is the sort of game which is unlikely to have escaped
detection for any substantial period.

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