hist-games: Freq. Asked Questions -- Part II

patsmith patsmith at dnaco.net
Tue Oct 21 20:16:23 PDT 1997

I don't have the reference handy to quote at the moment, but I have an
english translation of a sermon preached in Germany in the ninth century
that describes a game, Kegel, that involves rolling a ball along a raised
board to fall of the end and nock over wooden pins. The religious meanings
given to the various pieces and their action unfortunately leave much to
be desired in determining the exact rules, but 7 wooden pins, or billets,
are used, and the ball falls on them from above. The ball has to roll the
length of the board (length unknown) and can and frequently does fall off
the side of the board early.  I don't have the original latin text or even
the name of the book it was published in at this time.  After things
settle down after my mother-in-laws funeral I can probably get in touch
with the Lutheran minister who owns said book and get the original text.
The minister has returned home to Germany, but the parish he was visiting
pastor of will have his current address. 
  I remain in service,
     Brusten de Bearsul

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